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International Yacht Crewing named further the "CONTRACTOR", and you, the user of the website named further the "CUSTOMER" agreed as follows:


- The virtual WebServer – the software providing to Internet users access to the International database of seamen and information of the CUSTOMER.

- POP3 (Post Office Protocol) – protocol of exchanging the mail information.


The CUSTOMER charges and the CONTRACTOR undertakes the obligation for placement of CUSTOMER's information in the International database of seamen and for the rendering of consulting services.


2.1. The CONTRACTOR, on a paid basis, undertakes to render services on the instructions of the CUSTOMER:

- activation of the CUSTOMER's account;

- possibility of remote access to the CUSTOMER's account in the International database of seamen;

- possibility of changing, adding, editing and deleting the CUSTOMER's information.

2.2. The CONTRACTOR is obliged to make an installation and to setup of the virtual Web Server and to provide the CUSTOMER with necessary information for the administration of his account.

2.3. The CONTRACTOR is obliged to ensure round-the-clock work a Hosting Server, where the International database of seamen and the CUSTOMER's account are placed.

2.4. The CUSTOMER is obliged to update the contact and other information placed by it on it's account by himself.

2.5. The CUSTOMER is obliged to respect the Legislation of the country of it's stay and the rules of International laws concerning the transmission and protection of information, inadmissibility of use of CONTRACTOR's services for dissemination of the forbidden information by the CUSTOMER.


3.1. The cost of CONTRACTOR's services is determined by the CONTRACTOR and can change depending of the market conditions, the changes of laws and regulations, rates and collections, inflationary processes and other factors.

3.2. The CUSTOMER shall pay the CONTRACTOR's services in the form of an advance payment via the Internet by the LiqPay system.


4.1. The CONTRACTOR does not bear any responsibility for the information which is placed on the CUSTOMER's account and it's compliance to the current legislation.

4.2. The CUSTOMER has no right to use the CONTRACTOR's virtual Web Server for purpose of placement:

- any kinds of the bulletin boards controlled through CGI (UBB);


- IRC Server (Egg Drops);

- Game Server;

- CGI Chat scripts;

- SPAM mailings;

- Warez-websites;

- any software.

In case of violation of this clause of the Agreement, the CONTRACTOR reserves the right to disable the account of the CUSTOMER, irrevocably of the cost of the services paid with it.

4.3. The CONTRACTOR undertakes the standard technical and organizational measures on the Internet for support of confidentiality of the CUSTOMER's information placed on his account. Access to the third parties to the CUSTOMER's information is possible only according to the legislation of the country in the territory of which the hosting servers are placed.

4.4. The CONTRACTOR does not bear any responsibility and does not pay the damages which may arise due to illegal access of the third parties to the CUSTOMER's information placed by the CUSTOMER on his account.

4.5. The CONTRACTOR does not bear any responsibility and does not pay the damages which may arise due to the accidental or not predicted losses, including without limitation, the loss of profit, breaks in business, the loss of computer applications and information, the losses which are result of errors, omissions, the loss of communication, inadvertent deleting the software applications, overdue actions or any other errors in actions of the CUSTOMER.


5.1. Any of the Parties will not bear any responsibility for omission of the obligations under this AGREEMENT, if it was caused by approach of force majeur circumstances, namely:

- natural disaster (earthquake, flood, hurricane, fire and so forth);

- mass riots, strike, military operations;

- resolutions of the Governments of the country where hosting servers are placed, etc.

5.2. The Parties are obliged to notify each other of such force majeure circumstances immediately and to take measures for their elimination.


The CONTRACT can be withdrawn:

6.1. At the initiative of the CUSTOMER, on the expiration of the paid period of use of services of the CONTRACTOR, by a failure from an advance payment of its services on the following period.

6.2. At the initiative of the CONTRACTOR, explained in writing, in connection with inadequate execution by the CUSTOMER of terms of the Agreement. In this case unused residual of money does not return to the CUSTOMER.

6.3. According to the mutual consent of the Parties. In this case issues of compensation of mutual debts should be resolved by a separate Agreement between the Parties.


7.1. The AGREEMENT becomes effective from the moment of payment by CUSTOMER to the CONTRACTOR's account.

7.2. The AGREEMENT will be prolonged for a new period when the CUSTOMER will pay for the CONTRACTOR's services not later than 14 days before the termination of period of validity of the present AGREEMENT.

7.3. In case of arising of disputes over the questions stated by the present AGREEMENT or in connection with it, the Parties undertake all necessary measures to permission such disputes in friendly negotiations.

7.4 In case of impossibility of settlement of such disputes by friendly negotiations, the disputes will be submitted to the appropriate Court.